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Tom Seest

September 26, 2023

How Do You Learn Video Game Journalism for Online Games?

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An Overview Of How to Learn Video Game Journalism for Online Games

By Tom Seest

How Do You Learn Video Game Journalism for Online Games?

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Video game journalism is an exciting combination of your passion for games and writing. You can make a full-time living as a video game journalist or use it as a side hustle to earn some extra cash.
However, you’ll need to learn how to write for a wide audience while maintaining an objective viewpoint. This can be challenging in an increasingly video game publishing world where companies often offer products or entertainment in exchange for reviews.

How Do You Learn Video Game Journalism for Online Games?

Does Reading a Lot Of Articles Help You Learn Game Journalism?

Are you searching for a way to make money writing about video games you love? Becoming a video game journalism expert could be your ideal career. This career path offers opportunities to write about upcoming titles, review popular titles, and cover industry news – not to mention an excellent source of extra income and an enjoyable way to connect with gamers around the world!
When it comes to becoming a video game journalism specialist, the first step is reading plenty of articles. Doing this gives you an understanding of the types of stories being published, how they’re written, and what is trending. Furthermore, reading new gaming genres can give you insights into new topics to write about.
Another essential quality when becoming a video game journalism professional is being objective and impartial. This means reporting what games excite you without trying to sell them, as well as being honest about poor-quality titles. Doing this is essential for becoming an unbiased journalist, helping to establish credibility as a video game writer.
When writing news or rumors, it’s essential to verify each source and ensure they are accurate. This is especially pertinent if you are writing about an impending release or console update. Furthermore, being able to distinguish legitimate news from rumors and fake stories used as marketing gimmicks will help boost sales significantly.
Once you feel confident with these skills, it’s time to look for work. There are numerous websites that hire writers and editors for various positions within the industry; this can be a great way to network and build up your portfolio before seeking full-time employment.
As you embark on your journey to becoming a video game journalism pro, make sure to read numerous articles and listen to podcasts. Doing this will teach you the appropriate writing style for the job and enable you to find your niche within the industry.
Does Reading a Lot Of Articles Help You Learn Game Journalism?

Does Listening to Podcasts Help You Learn Game Journalism?

One of the best ways to become proficient in video game journalism is through podcasts. These audio programs can be played on any device and come in a variety of languages, making them ideal for educational, entertainment, and marketing purposes.
Podcasts provide news that is digestible and pertinent to their listeners, making them a reliable touchpoint that listeners will return to. They can be utilized for product marketing as well as providing backlinks that boost search engine optimization (SEO).
Podcasts are a collection of episodes that tell a narrative. They can range from investigative reports to scripted series, with some non-fiction stories depicting people from real life and others telling fictional tales over multiple episodes.
Podcasts are available worldwide and are all free for download. You can listen to them on a computer or smartphone, but an internet connection is required in order to do so.
Research has demonstrated that podcast listening is linked to psychological outcomes such as autonomy, competence, relatedness, and meaning in life. It has been suggested that podcast listening helps individuals find purpose and meaning in their lives by satisfying basic psychological needs while stimulating curiosity and positive affect [47-49].
If you want to develop your video game journalism skills for online games, make sure you listen to a variety of podcasts. Doing this will help develop your unique style and voice, as well as teach you how to recognize good sources for articles or interviews.
According to the International Communication Association, over half of Americans listen to podcasts. This number includes young people who are much more likely to listen than older age groups.
Podcasts are primarily used to stay informed on topics of personal interest (46%) and learn something new (39%). They can also be utilized while commuting or doing household tasks, providing an entertaining way to pass the time.
Does Listening to Podcasts Help You Learn Game Journalism?

Does Learn From The Experts Help You Learn Game Journalism?

If you’re considering a career as a video game journalist, there are several ways to acquire the necessary skillset. Take a course at your local community college, enroll in an affordable professional development class, or do some freelance work to gain experience as an effective writer.
One of the best ways to break into video game journalism is by interning at a gaming magazine or site. This will give you valuable experience while building up your portfolio.
Another way to break into the industry is by volunteering for a gaming company, magazine, or social media platform. This will give you some real-world writing experience and the chance to network with other writers in the field.
Some freelance writers also take on internships to gain valuable work experience before beginning a full-time job. These positions can be especially advantageous for those without degrees yet but still want to gain expertise within the field.
In many cases, these positions offer great pay and can help you build your professional resume. You may even find internships at gaming companies or magazines specifically seeking game journalists.
Though not required, a bachelor’s degree in English or another relevant field can make it easier to secure a job as a video game journalist. This will give you the necessary skillset for success as both an author and editor.
Aside from writing well, you must possess excellent organizational and time management abilities. These are essential for success as a video game journalist; learn how to manage your time efficiently.
Finally, you should have an in-depth knowledge of the technology utilized in this industry. This could include learning how to utilize a content management system or publishing online.
Though it may seem like a lot of effort, mastering these skills will greatly increase your opportunities for employment as a video game journalist. Plus, having extra money for education expenses will enable you to further progress within the field.
Does Learn From The Experts Help You Learn Game Journalism?

Does Having a Specialty Help You with Game Journalism?

Video game journalism is a highly specialized profession, so it’s essential that you stay dedicated to it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to become the best and be recognized as such.
Maintaining your specialty is essential because the better you become at it, the higher your chances are to land a job in the industry or become an accomplished writer. This is because providing top-notch content for gamers will boost their appreciation of you.
Working hard can pay off, so it’s essential that you remain dedicated and committed. Once that has been accomplished, you can begin learning about the industry and various writing techniques.
Writing is essential for video game journalists as it allows them to express their ideas clearly and succinctly. Additionally, writing shows your dedication to this career field while providing an opportunity to showcase your abilities.
If you don’t have much experience writing, consider freelance work for gaming publications or websites. This is an excellent opportunity to gain more knowledge about the industry and build up your portfolio.
Another way to enhance your writing is by attending a writing workshop. These events are usually free and can help you hone skills while networking with other professionals in the field.
Attend gaming events to network and make contacts that could lead to job opportunities in the future. These gatherings offer an excellent platform for journalists in this industry to come together.
It is essential to possess sound decision-making abilities, which can be invaluable when confronting potential rumors that could damage both your reputation and work. Being able to analyze a situation and make an informed decision based on available details helps ensure accurate reports are generated.
Game journalism requires no formal educational prerequisites, so you can begin your career without one. However, if you plan on working for a major media outlet, having a bachelor’s degree in journalism, English, or another related major would be beneficial.
Does Having a Specialty Help You with Game Journalism?

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