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Tom Seest

September 30, 2023

How Do You Determine How Coaching Solves Online Games Clients Needs?

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An Overview Of How to Determine How Coaching Solves Online Games Clients Needs

By Tom Seest

How Do You Determine How Coaching Solves Online Games Clients Needs?

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If you want to coach people in online games or provide other coaching services, it is essential that you comprehend your clients’ thinking and needs. Doing this will allow you to tailor your marketing strategies toward a specific audience and convert more leads into active clients.
Before you begin coaching your online games client, here are six questions to ask to determine their needs and preferences.

How Do You Determine How Coaching Solves Online Games Clients Needs?

How often do you play?

The number of people playing online games is growing at an astounding rate. A recent survey conducted by Limelight Networks revealed that Americans are gaming more than ever before. Surveying 4,500 consumers worldwide, they learned that 88% of adults reported playing video games at least once a week, and 13% said they play five hours or more daily – raising serious concern over potential safety risks associated with excessive screen time. Clearly, these figures represent just how addictive video gaming can be, yet these same people spend time away from their computers instead of real-life tasks that should never come first priority in our lives.
How often do you play?

What are your goals?

Before you dive into coaching, it’s essential to determine what you want out of each session. Setting clear objectives will ensure the most productive experience, so establish rules like no cell phones or texting during sessions. Additionally, understand your client’s objectives and help them reach them; this will make the process simpler and more productive overall. To help maximize these opportunities, we asked members of the Forbes Coaches Council for their tips on maximizing coaching experiences.
What are your goals?

What do you want to get out of coaching?

One of the primary motivations why many players seek out coaching positions is their desire to assist others in honing their skills. Coaches can offer their own advice or even create videos with gameplay tips for those wanting to improve their game play.
There are a range of online platforms offering video game coaching services. These sites connect eager learners with experienced gamers, who can be hired for short or long-term sessions as well as monthly subscriptions.
The popularity of competitive multiplayer shooters such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty has created a lucrative market for gamers who seek to enhance their gameplay. These titles require complex skill sets, which may be difficult to master without professional assistance.
These coaches offer more than technical expertise; they offer strategic insight that allows their clients to avoid common online player mistakes. Their instruction includes tactics for dodging enemy fire, exploiting enemy positions, and working together as a team in order to win matches.
They offer invaluable insights into esports tournaments and their rules. Additionally, they may assist you with finding scholarship opportunities at universities as well as guiding you through the process of competing in a tournament.
Another advantage of being a gaming coach is that you can build an extensive network of contacts. Most coaches are experienced esports professionals, meaning they will introduce you to key figures within the industry and give you valuable opportunities for breaking into professional play. They may even give you advice on becoming successful within this competitive realm.
To determine how best to coach your online game clients, first identify their needs. Afterward, decide what type of coaching you would like to provide: do you want to work with individual players or teams of gamers?
As a gaming coach, you can use your experience to determine how best to launch your own coaching services. There are various ways to make money as a gaming coach, including freelance session rates, joining sites like Switchup, and offering “play with a coach” sessions on Fiverr. Additionally, you could offer clients services like video review or VOD analysis.
What do you want to get out of coaching?

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